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The pursuit of minimalist perfection. That\\\'s our obsession and it\\\'s the single biggest reason our customers love our products. We began with a singular focus to design products that would be both functional and tastefully minimalist. As our products have gained acclaim in publications like The Wall Street Journal, and major tech-focused media outlets, such as Macworld, BGR, 9to5Mac, and Wirecutter, we’ve stayed true to our original mission. We continue to apply an obsessive attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and the utmost care in the creation of all of our products.

From our ultra thin iPhone case, the Veil XT to our slim and shock-absorbing Sheath, our products appear simple at first glance. That simplicity, however, is born out of the meticulous consideration and constant refinement in our design and manufacturing processes. It\\\'s why you\\\'ll discover details in our products you\\\'ll seldom find elsewhere and which you\\\'ll grow to love the longer you use our products. To us, the pursuit of minimalist perfection is an obsession.
Our commitment to you

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, our products exist to serve you. That’s why we offer an easy return policy and our popular Hassle-Free, One-Year Warranty. And it’s why our customer support staff is trained to be responsive to your needs. We give them full reign to handle all matters as they see fit, so long as the goal is to make you happy (and even if that means they include a dose of quirky humor from time to time!).

In the end, our job is simple: it\\\'s about making sure you\\\'re happy with the fruits of our collective effort. That’s our commitment to you.